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CDR (CorelDRAW) File Format Specification

File format .CDR
Type Vector image file
Developed By Microsoft Windows
Format Binary

What do you understand by CDR file format?

CDR is proprietary file format of Corel Draw, meant for vector graphics. You can open these file in almost every vector illustration applications. You can also open these files in Corel Paint by converting them into bitmap images. It files contain data related to the software that created them. CDR file was created by CorelDRAW, this is a vector graphic file that contains data related to codecs, audios, and flexible sound format. Vector graphics file saved in the CDR Format are also called corelDRAW image files. Vector are mapped point by point to the page, so if you reduce or increase the size of a vector graphics, the original image will not be distorted.

DDS Format

List of application that open CDR file.

  • Adobe Illustrator cc 2015
  • ACD Systems Canvas X 16
  • Corel WordPerfect X8
  • Corel PaintShop pro-X9
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8

How to Open CDR file?

  • STEP1: Select the CDR file, Right click the CDR.
  • STEP2: Now, choose "Open with" option & select default program.
  • STEP3: If default program option not available, then choose Corel PaintShop Pro X9, Corel WordPerfect X8 in the list of program
  • STEP4: Click Ok.

Note: If CDR supported software is not available on your PC, so you need to download from the internet and install it.

Advantages of CDR file

DDS Format

  • CDR does not lose its quality on Zooming it.
  • It develops vector based images.
  • It is widely used in the prepress industry and the artistic design industry.
  • CDR data can be easily manipulated to accommodate the resolution of a spectrum of output devices.
  • This file format is useful to saving images composed of line-based elements such as lines and polygons, such as text.

Disadvantages of CDR file

  • This files cannot easily be used to store extremely complex images.
  • Re-editing of vector graphics data may take considerably longer than that contained a bitmap file of equivalent complexity, because each image element must be a sequence and individually.

Reasons of CDR file corruption

DDS Format

  • CDR file was corrupted not saved due to the program crashing or hanging.
  • Files created in earlier versions of CorelDraw are no longer accessible.
  • Due to system failure, CDR (CorelDRAW) file may be crashed.


In this article describe the concept CDR file format. It is a proprietary file format of Corel Draw. This format widely used in the prepress industry and the artistic design industry. Also describe its advantages, disadvantages, ways to open CDR (CorelDRAW) file format and reasons of CDR (CorelDRAW) file corruption.