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EPS File Specification

Name EPS
Release Date 80's
Developer Adobe
Types of Data Vector, bitmaps & fonts
Number of colors unlimited
Extension on Mac Platform EPSF
Extension on PC Platform EPS

What do you understand by EPS file?

EPS is a file format of a graphics file format used in vector based images in Adobe illustrator. EPS is the short name of “Encapsulated Post script”. In this file contain text as well as graphics. EPS format is a reliable, universal format that can be used to reproduce graphics from just about any professional. EPS is the file format that most used for most text editing and page layout application accept; It supports vector data and is completely scalable. In EPS case, graphics data are mainly stored as outline based data.It can be used to transport alternatively or combined outline and pixel base data. EPS is a special file version of the Post Script page description language. It is generally only used with its own bitmap-saving capacities. EPS files usually require the significant amount of memory for storage and transfer. These files are almost identical to post script files except for the header information that is found at the beginning of EPS files. This file format is used with both Adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop. EPS handles grayscale, line art, RGB as well as object graphics.

EPS File Format

How to Save a file in illustrator as an EPS format?

  • STEP1: Firstly, Choose file Save As & select EPS file.
  • STEP2: From the version menu, choose the illustrator versions you are saving to.
  • STEP3: In the EPS options dialog box that appears, choose the preview from the format.

TIFF (8-Bit color): A color preview for either Mac or PC.

TIFF (Black & white): A low resolution black and white preview.

  • STEP4:Click Ok to save your file as an EPS.

What is the uses of EPS file?

  • EPS files are used to compress images or raw images clicked by a digital camera.
  • It also used for print graphics on Clothes.
  • It also compatible multiple platforms and can be easily viewed on a PC or Mac.
  • EPS can be used to transport alternatively or combine outline.

How to Open EPS file format?

  • STEP1: Select the EPS file, Right click the EPS.
  • Now, choose “Open with” option & select default program.
  • If default program option not available, then choose Adobe Illustrator or photoshop that open EPS file.
  • Click Ok.

Open EPS file format

Advantages of EPS file

  • It files can be used to graphics and combine text together.
  • It is a reliable and universal format.
  • This file support in multiple platforms and easily supported by any word processing software.
  • EPS file handles objects graphics.

Disadvantages of EPS

  • It can take too much time to save a work in EPS format.
  • Multiple pages of EPS file does not support by operating systems.
  • This file contains Postscript data, you cannot always send it straight to a printer to have it printed.
  • 8-bit EPS files cannot be handled properly by all operating systems or applications.

How to convert EPS format to another file format?

  • STEP 1: Open adobe photoshop or illustrator.
  • STEP 2: Go to “open” option and select EPS file.
  • STEP 3: Now select “Save As” option to export to another file format.
  • STEP 4:Click ok.

Note: You can easily convert EPS file format to another file format by the help of online converter tools.


In this article describe the concept of EPS format, its advantages and disadvantages. Also tell us about the how to use EPS file and how to open EPS file. EPS is the file format that most used for most text editing and page layout application. EPS format mostly used for its ability to contain bitmap and vector graphics. This format developed by Adobe.