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What is File Format?

File format refers to the organization and layout of data that is stored in a file. Like music files are stored in different formats, text files are stores in different format and graphic files are stored in different formats. For example, graphics data can be stored in file formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF etc. The format of a file usually includes a header, data, and possibly end-of-file. A file header is a section of data at the beginning of a file that contain information about a file, such as the date it was created, its file size, types etc. File format are most important role play for developers to create an application. Basically some file formats are universal and proprietary. Universal file format are publicly available and are recognized by multiple programs. Proprietary formats can only be opened by one or more related programs. In this article you will discover the concept of what is file format, what is email format, what is image file format, what is audio file format, what is video file format, what is graphic file format.

Ai Format

What is Email Format?

Email format used by the email clients, mail servers etc. There are two kinds of email” Plain text and formatted. EML is the short name of electronic mail. It is a file format for an email messages saved to a file in the Internet message format protocol for electronic mail messages. EML is the standard format used by Microsoft Outlook Express as well as some other email programs. Here is the some email file formats MP4, PST, EDB, OST, OLK etc.

What is Image File Format?

Image format describes the way data is stored, to allow others to access and view the information contained within the data file. The development of various image file formats evolved from the need to store, organize and retrieve graphics data in efficient and logical ways, with the general intention for display, manipulation or transmission of the image data. Image format describes how pixel data are stored in the file, and different formats organize data in different ways, compress data using a variety of schemes, and encode and represent image data using various approaches. Here is the some email file formats PCX, TGA, CR2, NEF, PLT, CRW, RAF, DNG, ARW etc.

What is Audio File Format?

Audio file formats are aimed at representing the digital recordings of performances. Digital acquisition is based on sampling of the signal and quantization of the sample values. These formats achieve a very high compression rate, because the control parameters change much slower than the audio parameters and have been included in the MPEG-4 standard. Some Lossy Audio file formats MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG and lossless Audio file formats WAV, SDII, AIFF, MOV etc. Loss less formats are equivalent to being CD quality. MP3 is a common audio format for consumers audio storage. WAV files are popular general because they are considered a “first generation” format. WAV file formats are good and they allow the most flexibility. Here is the some email file formats WMA, MP3 etc

What is Audio file format?

What is Video File Format?

Generally, Video files involve two distinct codecs and container. Codec is a way of encoding audio or video into a stream of bytes. It is the only method used to encode the video and is the chief determiner of quality. Container describes the structure of the file: where the several types of pieces are stored. It may soecify an audio codec as well as video. Container is used to package the video & its components (audio/metadata) and is identified bya file format such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV etc.

What is video file format

What is Graphic File Format?

Graphics file formats are immortal. Graphic file format can be complex: the original specification of each format can often span one or more volumes. This section cannot provide a complete reference to each format mentioned. Basically two kinds of graphics created on a computer. First one is Vector and second is raster images.

What is Graphic file Format?

In vector graphics, the edges of vector graphics remain smooth at any size of resolution. Fonts, lines art(graphs and chart) are typically vector based.

Vector formats Such as:- EPS, PDF, PS, EMF, IGS, STL, STP, Ai, HPGL, CDR etc.

In raster graphics, this image requires higher resolution to appear smooth. This type of images are best used for photographers.

Raster formats such as PSD, EPS, BMP, HPGL, TIFF, JPG, PNG, DDS etc.


In this article describe the concept of What is file format, what is email format, what is audio file format, what is image file format, what is video file format and what is graphic file format etc. I hope this article helpful for you.