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What is Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book ?

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source, cross platform and free application for managing emails, news group, chat and news-feeds. Thunderbird is a local email application that is powerful yet easy to use.Mozilla Thunderbird provides an address book where user can enter complete contact related information including:Street Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Email address, Notes.

Select Address Book from the tool menu to open the Address Book window. There are three panes include:

  • the address books available
  • the address entries with with field entries like name email and organization
  • the last one is displaying the address information

User can easily sort the entries by these fields. Clicking an entry will display the address information, including email address, street addresses and phone. Only fields with values are displayed. To create a new entry in an address book, click new contact to open a window with tab for contact, private, work, other and photo.

To create a mailing lists from the address book entries, you click the new list button, specify the name of list and enter the email addresses. Once you have set up your address book, you can use its addresses when creating mail messages. On the write side window, when you start to enter an email address in the To text box, the address will auto complete to the corresponding address in your address book.

Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book (abook.mab)

Alternatively, you can open the address book and drag and drop address box on the message window. Generally, addresses information are kept in file located in the. Thunderbird directory within the user’s home directory. The default address books, abook.mab and history.mab.

Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book (abook.mab)

Address Book .mab Specifications

Format .mab
Full form Mozilla Address Book
Developer Mozilla Corporation
Format Type Binary
Supported platforms Mac, windows, linux
Color Unlimited
Type Metafile

This address book.mab format using by several email client such as Thunderbird, netscape , Seamonkey etc. In Mozilla address book contains entire contact information of individuals such as: Phone numbers, Name, email address and other information related to contacts.

Mozilla Address Book Format

Mozilla Address Book (MAB) file format used by Mozilla thunderbird. In Mozilla Address Book two type of address book: Personal Address book and collected Address book. It mainly uses three mab files with different names

  • abook.mab – It is a default personal address book to store contacts saved by Mozilla thunderbird.
  • history.mab- It keeps a history of all collected addresses.
  • impab.mab – It is used to store imported address book or contacts.

Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book file Location

  • For Windows:- C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\profiles
  • For Mac:- /Library/thunderbird/Profiles//

Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book file Location

Why Mozilla Thunderbird address book (.mab) failure ?

  • Thunderbird not showing address book
  • address book details disappear or contacts present are not shown
  • contact information may appear more than once
  • contacts keep reappearing even after we delete them

Fix the Thunderbird address book (.mab) corrupted file

To repair the corrupted Thundrbird address book .mab file, follow the below given steps:

  • Go to windows explorer>> tools>> folder option>> View tab.
  • Now remove the check from “Hide extension for known file types” & click ok.
  • Now, that will allow you to change the extension.
  • Then just Rename the file by removing the .bak. You'll get a Warning that changing the extension could render the file unusable. Just ignore it and OK the change.


This article describe the concept of Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book. This address book available in several email clients such as seamonkey, netscape etc. In this also tell us about the MozillaAddressbook Format, Address Book.mab specification, Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book file Location, Why Mozilla Thunderbird address book (.mab) failure, and fix abook.mab error. I hope given information helpful for you.