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PS File Format Specification

File format .PS
Type Vector Image Files
Developed By Adobe Systems
Format Binary

What do you understand by PS file format?

Postscript is a file format for files that are saved in the postscript page description language (PDL). PS is a programming language that describes very accurately the appearance of a page, including vector graphics, high-quality bitmaps and text of various fonts for both print and display and is used extensively in desktop publishing. It is not an image file format. This program code is processed by related software and hardware in printers that support PostScript. The main advantages of PostScript files are rendered in exactly the same way from different PostScript- compatible printers and viewers so they are device independent. PostScript used to be a de facto standard for printed output, but this is no longer the case. The evolution of PostScript led to the development of Adobe Acrobat. PS files are relatively small in size as they contain instruction in ASCII from to be sent to the printer, rather than bitmap information. This applies unless they incorporate bitmaps, in which case result are large PS files. PS level 1 was developed by Adobe in 1984 and has since gone through many reasons and updates. Now a days, current version is postscript3 introduced by Adobe in 1997. Basically, it is used to store scalable vector graphics and raster images and text.It was developed by john Warnock at PARC. The PS vector format would have newer become an industry Standard without Apple computers. PS file is generally a single page format containing either an illustration or a text.

PS Format

List of application that open PS file.

  • Corel Graphics Application
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Acrobat Distiller
  • ImageMagic

How to Open PS file?

  • STEP1: Select the PSfile, Right click the PS.
  • STEP2: Now, choose "Open with" option & select default program.
  • STEP3: If default program option not available, then choose PaintShop Pro, Acrobat Distiller, elements in the list of the program.
  • STEP4: Click Ok.

Note: If PS supported software is not available on your PC, so you need to download from the internet and install it.

Advantages of PS file

  • This file format was designed from the outset to work seamlessly with every major operating system.
  • This is device independence.
  • The PS file program is not developed my humans, but by other programs.
  • PS file format Compatibility with Mac, Microsoft windows, UNIX, OS/2, DOS.

Disadvantages of PS file

  • Postscript is a case sensitive.

Why use Postscript (PS)?

  • The User can generate graphics for fun.
  • This file format is common for LateX.
  • Simple manual generation of high-quality graphics.
  • It provides Automatic generation of graphics from programs.

Reasons of PS file corruption

  • PS file was corrupted/ not saved due to the program crashing or hanging.
  • Files created in earlier versions of CorelDraw are no longer accessible.
  • Due to system failure, PS file may be crashed.


In this article describe the concept PS file format. Postscript has a large section of graphics operators that allows it to precise describe the desired page. It is also a programming language that was designed to specify the layout of the printed page. PS files are plain text files and as such, they can easily be generated by hand or as the output of user written programs. Also describe the advantages, disadvantages, ways to open PS file format, why to use PS file and reasons of PS file corruption.