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What do you understand by WMA format?

WMA is a file format used with Window Media Player. WMA is an audio format. It was intended to be a competitor for the MP3 and Real audio formats. These file are similar to MP3 files and primarily used for streaming music from the web.

Microsoft offer WMA format for storing files. Windows Media plays and creates WMA files. Now a days, many music player support WMA file. Windows media player adds copy protection to every WMA files you create.

List of Programs that open WMA files

For Windows:-

  • Nullsoft Winamp
  • Microsoft Groove Music
  • Microsoft windows Media Player
  • Microsoft Windows Music
  • Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate
  • WMA file Viewer

For Mac:-

  • Eltima Elmedia Player
  • Apple QuickTime Player with Flip4Mac WMV components
  • Web browser with the Flip4Mac WMV plugin

How to open WMA (Windows Media Audio) file?

To open a WMA file user have two option are:-

  • STEP1: Select WMA file on your PC
  • STEP2: Double click on WMA file(if WMA file compatible application installed on your PC , they direct play otherwise Go to Step 3)
  • STEP3: Go to “option with” option and select compatible application that open WMV file.

Note:(If compatible application not installed in your PC, so you download a WMA viewer tool that open a WMA file).

  • STEP1: Go to windows by default media player like (windows media player), Open it.
  • STEP2: Now, go to open tab and click it on
  • SETP3 : Select WMA file and play it.

WMA file cannot be used on Ipod or Iphone devices.

WMA (Windows Media Audio) File Format Error

Below Window Media Audio file format error are:-

  • Error=8004022F (Invalid File Format)
  • Error=80040265(File format is not supported, cannot play back the mobile)
  • Error=8007000D(Path and file name are incorrect)

Several reasons, To receive a WMA format error such as:-

  • Some time media file is crashed.
  • Media file uses a codec that is not installed.
  • Windows media player files are missing.


This article contains information about the file format of WMA, several programs list that open WMA (Windows Media Audio) file. This article also tell about the how to open WMA file and WMA ((Windows Media Audio)) file format error.