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What is Apple Mail?

Apple Mail is proprietary full featured default email client for Mac Operating System. It comes with every Watch OS, IOS, Mac OS X 10.0 and later versions. Apple Mail is also known as or Mail. The user interface of this Mac application is very simple and easy. But this app is not free to use and open source application.

Apple Mail originally developed & designed by NeXT as NeXTMail, as a part of NeXTSTEP Operating System. But later on it became Mail after Apple purchase NeXT.

What File Format Used By Apple Mail?

Apple Mail or store its data files in MBOX and EML file formats.

Common Problems with Apple Mail

1. Mail.App Stop receiving new mail: Sometimes Apple Mail stops receiving new mails, it may be happen because user not verify that they are receiving new mail via email client, webmail or via phone. This issue can be resolved easily:

  • Go to the and click on “Mailbox” option from the main menu.
  • Choose “Take all account Offline”. Then wait for 15 seconds Choose Take all account Online

2. Not receiving or sending emails: If the mailbox is rolling but mail is not going outside or coming that means IMAP setting is not synchronizing properly. Try the steps below to resolve issue:

  • Close the Apple Mail application.
  • Go to /users/your_profile/Library/Mail/IMAP-account_concerned/
  • Remove that hidden folder .OfflineCache
  • Restart the application again

3. Sent Email messages is not saved: This type of issue occurs when using IMAP account with Apple Mail. To resolve this issue user should configure there mail account properly in the


1. What is the best way to make sure my messages are backed up?

Mac OS X comes up with inbuilt feature called Time Machine, which maintains the backup of entire machine including email messages of Mail.

2. Apple Mail regularly prompt for password, how to stop it?

There are many reasons may cause to arise this issue again and again. Most of the time, verifying the basic settings will rectify this problem. If the issue is not resolved yet then user need to reset password for email address within (mt) AccountCenter and provide Apple Mail the new password.

3. Why Sent Email items of Apple Mail does not appear in Sent box?

For this users need to configure in the Mail app for sent folder. When using IMAP for the grid, requires to provide a particular folder to save sent messages. To do so follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Press down & highlight the Sent folder for your account.
  • Hit on the Mailbox Menu
  • Select Use This Mailbox For
  • Now select Sent

The above step will help user to configure Apple Mail to save new outgoing messages to sent folder. If user want to see earlier sent mails to appear they must be dragged from local sent folder to sent folder listed under the Mail account.


In this article we discussed about What is Apple Mail, common problems with Apple mail & What file formats is being used by this to store the data. Also tried to resolve the basic problems and queries of Apple Mail or Mail application users.