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What is Excite mail?

Excite email provides good mailing service. It also provides free voice mail as well. Excite is another search engine turned to web portal. Excite can be customized to provide user specific contents and email services. Excite is a famous web portal which offers a wide range of online services.

Excite Mail Storage Capacity

Excite email account has a storage capacity limit of 125 MB in which approx 10,000 messages could be stored. User can easily check how much storage is left in account at storage disk summary page. There are two ways to check the excite mail storage capacity. First one is Inbox hub and second is mail preference.

ExciteMail Features

Excite email has following features:-

  • Straight forward click- User can read and browse contacts from any tab of email client.
  • Latest storage limit- The latest storage limit of Excite email is 250 -1000 MB. Users need not to remove large mails constantly to make room in your Inbox for new messages.
  • File transfer- User can use any extra storage space for uploading any number of important documents to their account.
  • Latest attachment limits- The latest attachment size limit is 10-25 MB which makes user account perfect for attaching large documents or files.
  • Customization: User can easily customize emails by setting junk mail controls, email signatures spell check options etc.

4 Common Excite email problems

  • Excite accepting the mails, but sometimes mail is not reaching to the recipient’s Inbox folder or any folder.
  • Sometimes users are unable to access their account. It shows “does not respond” notification.
  • User have not been able to restore emails from excite. It shows pop up message “at this time could not connect to the server”.
  • Sometimes Excite email doesn’t load. User clicks several time on an email but it shows Loading but never loads.


Excite email access through Outlook:

  • Open Microsoft outlook. Click the “File” tab and select “Add account”.
  • Click the Option button and choose Manually configure settings.
  • Click the option Internet emails & click next.
  • Now enter the name & full Excite email address in the “personal information”.
  • Choose POP3 setting in the account type.
  • In Incoming mail server enter & outgoing mail server field enter
  • Now enter your excite email address & password in the appropriate field.
  • After this process, Go to more setting option and select outgoing server tab. Click the option next to my outgoing server (SMTP require authentication).
  • Now Go to the Advanced tab. Click the check box next to This server requires encrypted connection (SSL) followed by OK.
  • Then Click on Next. Now Excite email account will connect to your Outlook email client.


1. Will my email address change after the upgrade?

No, Excite email address not change after the upgrade. Your email domain will remain @excite

2. Yesterday, My excite email not working I sent messages from my excite account to another account, but they shows “not delivered” notification. So what can I do?

I think your excite email has been blocked by the recipients email services. So you will need to contact the email administrator.

3. Can I retrieve the deleted emails from excite mails?

Yes, you can retrieve deleted emails with the help of alternative tools.

4. Can I migrate my email account to outlook?

Yes, you can migrate excite email account to Outlook with the help of any third party tool.

5. How can we access excite mail account?

You can access email account by follow the mention link: Excite Mail sign up


This articles has been focus to discuss the what is Excite email, features, Excite email problems, Excite mail storage capacity, Excite email outlook. User can easily access Excite email through Outlook.