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What is GMX Mail?

GMX stands for Global mail exchange. It is a reliable email provider. GMX is a German based largest free email service provider in Germany. User can Easily access GMX mail as well as POP & IMAP4 protocols. GMX email application is suitable for small businesses, large business and home users. Users can attach file up to 50 MB and can run emails on any browser and OS. GMX email provides simple interface. It is modern and intuitive to use. GMX mail account is divided into two parts:- & In this article describe the concept of what is gmx mail, its features, GMX junk mails, GMX virus protection emails and its server settings etc.

GMX Mail Features:-

  • GMX mail allow users to send files up to 50 MB.
  • It provides protection from viruses and spams.
  • GMX “mail collector” allows users to collect mails from other free email service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc.
  • It provides good management of multiple accounts from a single location.
  • It also offers the direct login to Facebook with the help of GMX login ID & Password.
  • GMX service support SMTP, POP3 and IMAP Protocols.
  • It uses secure SSL connection to ensure your emails are protected and secure.

GMX net vs GMX com

GMX net vs GMX com

GMX Junk Mails

GMX mail provides Strong Spam filtration for keeping your Inbox free from junk mails. It have also Spam Blocker tool for blocking spam emails. A Spam Filter is not a tool which protects your account from unwanted mails such as phishing & irrelevant advertisement. Spam filters work is to protect your account from Malware. GMX spam filters also checks emails for fake sender addresses & also analyze emails for technical properties and errors.

GMX Virus Protection emails

Virus Protection play an important role for securing emails. GMX have virus protection features to check all incoming and outgoing emails. It automatically delete all infected files. GMX also provides Virus Safety activation features by default. If you want to shut down your virus protection email settings, then you can go to Email Setting and then Mail Security.

GMX Server Settings

GMX POP settings are as follows:-

GMX server settings


1. Can I log in to GMX email using Safari browser?

Ans. Yes, you can easily login in to GMX mail using Safari.

2. Can I access GMX account using my mobile?

Ans. Yes, you can login to GMX email account using mobile.

3. What is the maximum size of file attachments?

Ans. The maximum attachment size is 50MB.

4. Can I access my Facebook account through GMX mail?

Ans. Yes, you can access Facebook account using GMX mail.


GMX offer solutions for home users, small and mid size business organizations. Gmail account include a mail collector, Address book & file storage. GMX is a free web mail service provided by Global Mail Exchange. In this article you can read about GMX mail features, GMX server setting, GMX junk emails etc.