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What is Hushmail?

Hushmail is a free web-based email service. Hush mail provides 1024 bit data encryption when mail is sent from one Hushmail account to another. Many businesses professionals have trusted Hushmail to keep their data protected. It is a longtime service provider of encrypted web based emails. Hush mail is easy & simple to use no additional software required to use a hushmail. Hush mail provide additional options to encrypt a hush mail. It is completely web-based service. In this article discover the concept of what is husmail, its storage limit, hushmail encryption and server settings etc.

Hushmail Encryption

Hushmail continuously keep protecting your important data. Hushmail uses the standard algorithm as specified by PGP to ensure privacy & security of emails. When a user sends an email using Hushmail then firstly it encrypts the content of the email and delivers it to another user inbox. Hushmail have multiple layers of security. It offers one of the most user-friendly and secure email messaging platform on the internet. If receiver want to decrypt an email then an answer is needed for secret question.

hushmail encryption

Hushmail Storage

Hushmail provides a free trial membership, but later on, you must upgrade to premium service. It provides two different type of services first one is Hushmail free service and second is Hushmail premium service. In free account, hushmail provides 25 MB storage and in the premium account, it provides 10 GB of storage space.

Hushmail Server settings

hushmail server settings

Hushmail Features

  • Hushmail webmail allows POP3 connection for accessing email services, which means its user can use any Email client applications for accessing mails.
  • Hushmail also provides an option to block domain names and any email address(es).
  • It scans incoming mails for protecting from harmful malware.


1. Can I send encrypted mail to anyone using Hushmail?

Yes, you can send encrypted mail to anyone.

2. What is the minimum duration for deactivating the Hushmail account?

The minimum duration to deactivate the account is 3 months.