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What is Incredimail?

Nowadays, email has become one of the trendy and convenient medium of communication for every user. Several number of email applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo excels are providing an efficient and reliable email service to its user’s. A newly arrived email client, Incredimail, has gained many customer’s attraction for its interactive & customized features. This email client also provides web based email services to work well with other email applications such as Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

The following section is focused to let its valuable users to understand what is Incredimail and how can it be used to make emailing more fun and interactive experience.

What is Incredimail Services

Incredimail is basically an advanced emailing program that has been introduced to add some incredibility to regular plain text. Generally, an email applications allow users to send their email’s as plain text, without much graphical item added to it. But, Incredimail has been designed to customize the emails accordingly by using in-built features of this application.

Users can simply create a free account on Incredimail and use its features to send the emails to any other email application account. The inbuilt features of this program make their mails more interactive and provides an interface in which users can view or compose emails easily.

Incredimail services

Special Features of Incredimail

Incredimail not only provides an efficient email service, but is also equipped with many exciting options and web-gallery that can be embedded in the emails to make it more interactive and attractive. The key features offered by Incredimail includes:

  • Notifiers-Email notifications are not so boring now with this application. The user can choose the notification type from a variety of the animated characters. The user will be notified with the selected character for its incoming message. It provides a perk to prompt notifications even when the user has closed the email application.
  • 3D Effects- To enrich emailing features, a strong range of 3D effect is incorporated with the application. While sending a message, it appears like the mail is going into the deep ocean or while deleting any email, it appears to crumble the paper. Such 3D effects give a live and joyful exposure to the users.
  • Animated Text- The users can choose any kind of animation to be included in the emails. It allows user to add a personal touch in the email and setting the animation according to the mood. It serves as a better way to convey thoughts instead of sending the plain text.
  • Expressive Emoticons- A list of emoticons is provided, which can be inserted into the regular email text to express the mood. Any number of emoticons can be inserted into a single email.
  • Background Features-The user can choose to set the interface background according to his choice. The text message can also include a background sound or music that can be sent to the receiver. When such email is opened, the music automatically gets played and gives a fine touch to the message.
  • Text Effects- A number of text effects are included in the application to make the text look more attractive. The user can select any of the effect from the provided options and the text gets embedded into the email with the same effect without any change in its format.
  • Handwritten Signatures- The application provides a special support for email signatures. A pencil tool is provided to create a handwritten signature for the emails. However, the user can also choose to create the signature by simply typing the text in signature box.
  • Greeting Cards- To enliven the email feature, a number of greeting cards according to different occasions are present in the application itself. User can easily send the e-greeting cards or embed the greeting cards with the regular mail content.
  • Personal Message Recorder- The premium Incredimail aims to provide more personalized touch to emailing, by allowing the user to attach personal voice message in the emails. The sound quality can also be chosen according to the requirement.
  • Online Web Gallery-To enhance the variety of customized items, Incredimail has its own web gallery. The user can easily browse to add any kind of animations, ecards, sounds, notifiers, letters, skins from the gallery collection and add it to application interface for further use.

Is there any compatibility issue to view Incredimail generated emails in some other email application?

“It may be possible that the Incredimail user sends an email containing many of its features like ecards, background sound etc to some recipient on other email applications like Gmail, Yahoo etc. Many times users get confused whether the same content can be viewed in other email applications or not. “

The Incredimail users must be relaxed for any compatibility related issue as any email sent from Incredimail can be viewed easily on other email applications. There is no need for any add on or other plug-in to view the emails on other email service. Moreover, the integrity of the content is maintained and the recipient can completely experience the customized options attached with the email.


We tried to cover all the basic information about this email client. Thoroughly read the article to understand What is Incredimail and its live feature support. The intersted users must give a try to this free web-based Incredimail service to enjoy its interactive and easy to use features.