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What is MDaemon Email Server?

MDaemon Mail Server is an email server software base on Windows based email and developed by Alt-N Technology. It is a trusted alternative to Microsoft Exchange or SBS and supports IMAP, STMP, POP3 and Active Sync protocols as well. Also, delivers solid performance from it’s feature-rich and user- friendly design. In this article discover the concept of what is MDaemon Email Server, its storage capacity, features and MDaemon Email server access through Outlook etc.

MDaemon mail Server Storage Capacity

MDaemon's main configuration files are stored in the App directory and mail is stored in a flat file structure within the user’s directory. It’s able to store more email in the same amount of capacity with Exchange server. E.g.: 100 MB file is likely to be only 80 MB in Exchange server. In additional, you get more features like the ability to recover deleted items.

MDaemon Mail Server Features

Here are the following features:-

  • No requirement of an additional web server such as Microsoft IIS, it’s mailstore server can start its own HTTP server on the appropriate TCP port.
  • The mailstore server can run smoothly in the virtual and terminal server environments.
  • No requirement of any external database software like Microsoft SQL Server for organizing files but it can use on request.
  • It’s have inbuilt spam filter with Heuristic and Bayesian analysis.
  • This software is available in 9 languages.

Common MDaemon mail Server problem

This is the common problem faced by User. They are:

  • MDaemon accepting the emails but sometimes, they suddenly stop receiving in the inbox and need to configure again.
  • Getting trouble due to the Junk Mail and SMTP errors issue.
  • Sometimes get an issue related to Server Global Admin account setting.

MDaemon Mail Server Outlook

In this section, the user will know how to access MDaemon Server through the Outlook. Here are the steps:

  • In the Outlook, click on the file option and select the folder by clicking on Folder button. Any permission that is assigned will be listed in the main window.
  • A dialogue box will pop up and click on the ADD button to add permission for the new user.
  • In the drop down box list, select the user to whom want to share the folder. And click ok.
  • After this, click on the user in the main window, use the drop down box list and select the levels of access permissions, again, click on the Advanced button and check the each of the levels of access. Then, click ok to continue.
  • If you want to grant the permission for the selected user to all subfolders, then check Apply permission to all Sub folders. If the selected folder doesn’t contain any subfolders, then the box will be grey out.


1. How can I configure SMTP authentication an MDaemon 13.6 server client?

From the MDaemon console:

Select Security>>Select the Security Settings option>>Expand Sender Authentication>>Select SMTP option>>Select the authentication is always required when email is from the local accounts>>select Apply option>>Select OK

With SMTP Authentication enabled on the server, the local sending email to the clients will need to be configured to send messages using SMTP Authentication.

For Outlook 2013:

Select File>>Select Account Settings>>Select Account Settings from the drop down>>Select the MDaemon account>>Select Change>>Select More Settings>>Then, select the Outgoing Server tab>>SMTP requires authentication>>Select the radio button for incoming email server>>Select OK

For Outlook 2010:

Choose File>>Select Account Settings from the drop down>>Select the MDaemon account>>Select Change>>Select More Settings...>>Select the Outgoing Server tab>>SMTP requires authentication>>Select the radio button for use the same settings for incoming mail server>>Select OK

2. How can I solve the SMTP error 554 of MDaemon?

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3. How can I tell why an inbound or outbound message bounced, based on the SMTP reply code?

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4. What are STMP Codes error and STMP Status code of MDaemon?

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This article describes about the what is MDaemon Server. The main reason of this article is to help the user to understand about this software and its configuration.