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What is a Mulberry Email Client?

Mulberry is an email client which is developed and marked by Cyrusoft, but now it is an Open Source available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. This application supported many standards like IMAP, LDAP, SMTP, IMSP, and ACAP. This tool provides email, contacts, and calendaring functionality. If there is something happens Mulberry lacks, it is simplicity.

Mulberry is an email Client that allow utilizing POP3 and IMAP email account for receiving messages and SMTP for sending emails. Mulberry uses a MIME type file Extension which looks for mapping files, to determine what MIME used for outgoing attachments and also find which file extension should be used for incoming attachments.

The user can create, import or export addresses from the “Contacts” tab and schedule events or date from the “Calendar” tab. There is an option into an inbox that you can sort all the messages in descending/ascending order with any of the columns. Also, user’s can also utilize the Quick search option to find any information easily regarding contacts or messages. The other function mentioned is drag and drop items in sequence to attach files, the user just have to select text and address. Then they can drag that item from one place to another place. Also, it allows configuring the buttons from the Toolbar. In this article describe the concept of what is Mulberry email client, its storage location, features and common chalenges etc.

what is mulberry email client

Mulberry Storage Location

The default location of Mulberry file :-

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Cyrusoft\Mulberry\Mailboxes

Features of Mulberry Email

Mulberry email has following features:-

  • Mulberry managed multiple POP and IMAP email accounts. It also manages Local as well as server calenders.
  • Mulberry supports messages with rich text, plain text, and HTML formatting.
  • Mulberry offers Text macros for quickly and efficient email editing.
  • Mulberry supports Open source and MIME message encryption.It is a safe choice as its providing strong security & privacy including SSL email delivery.
  • Mulberry supports Open source and MIME message encryption
  • Mulberry have Powerful filters, messages search, and custom labels which help users manage email effectively.

Some Common Challenges

Many people don’t realize that some common email protocol such as IMAP, POP3, and SMTP dictate that personal information such as your username, password, and the text of your email messages are transmitted over the internet in clear text.

Mulberry is complex and a little bit of difficult.

The User can search mail flexibly and save into criteria, but this all process is a bit complicated and also slow.

Mulberry does not come with spam filtering.


1. What is the file format of Mulberry address book?

Mulberry supported plain text, rich text and HTML formatting.

2. Which versions are supported by mulberry?

Mulberry current supported versions are and 1.4.4

3. Which Operating System is supported by mulberry?

Mulberry supports windows 9x/ NT/2000

4. How can I judge this application before purchase?

Simply download its trail version and practically judge all the features.


This article has been a focus to discuss the what is Mulberry email client, its some common challenges etc. Mulberry is an email client which is developed and marked by Cyrusoft, but now it is an Open Source available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Also tell us about the Mulberry storage location.