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What is Opera Mail?

Opera Mail is a lightweight, customizable mail client developed by Opera Software in 2013. Previously it was an integrated part of Opera web browser and was known as M2. However, with the release of Opera 15, it became a separate product and was no longer bundled with Opera.

Technical Info

  • Lead developer: Arjan van Leeuwen
  • Developed by: Opera Software
  • Platform Support: It is a Cross-platform software. So it can work independently on any OS platform: OS X , Windows 7 and later
  • File location: C:\Users\username\ AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\mail
  • Interface: Graphical User Interface
  • License: Freeware
  • File Format: MBS (Opera Mailbox File)


  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMTP
  • RSS (RDF Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication)
  • Atom
  • NNTP

Features of Opera Mail

As we know it is light weight and customizable but apart from that it has following features:

  • Easy to Filter, read and label the messages.
  • Elegant tabs allow to viewing, read and navigate through multiple mail at once.
  • Smart threads to organize your mails and view earlier message quickly.
  • Labels to short messages quickly.
  • Automatic notification for updates in favorite websites.
  • Option to add your own email notification, supporting WAV file extension.
  • It can handle all the major email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Professional and streamed line GUI interface.
  • Simple drag and drop option for attachment.
  • The Feature adds and edit Signature using a mail client.
  • Also, work up in Opera web browser.
  • Uses less system resources than it’s competitors.
  • Implemented 3 different mail layouts.

Expected upgrades

  • Integrating encryption features into Opera Mail.
  • Integrating easier archival solutions.
  • Handling of blocked images. Approaching to block all images in certain views, such as ’spam’ so that a user can click on it to show images in a specific e-mail.
  • Improved features support such as nested folders, keywording and working offline.

Configuring POP email account with SSL in Opera Mail

  • Open Opera Mail.
  • Click Opera on the top left panel of the Opera window.
  • Select Mail and Chat Account.
  • A dialog box asking to create a new account will appear, Click on Yes.
  • New Pop-up window asking for account type will appear, Select on Email and then Next.
  • Enter all the detailed information of the user as required and click Next.
  • Select on Regular Email(POP) and then Next.
  • Enter Mail server info. Select on Use Secure connection in Incoming and Outgoing Server to leave the message on Server select too. Selecting it will store a copy on the server.
  • Click on Finish.


In this article describe the concept of what is opera mail, features of opera mail etc. Opera Mail uses one database to keeps the index of all messages. It also automatically sorts the messages into several "views" or access points. However listed as type, like mailing lists, attachments. This feature allows us to quick access the emails. Opera Mail uses Bayesian filtering to sort messages automatically in different views. We can access it by opening the "Received" view.