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What is Pegasus Email Client?

If you are looking for the best email client for accessing emails of Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email client, then you should choose Pegasus Mail which is one the best email client for sending/receiving emails. Pegasus is an e-mail client which was previously freeware but now it is donationware. It is best and secure email client for Windows Operating System and allows users to send/receive emails after configuring Gmail, Yahoo or another Internet-based accounts. It is applicable for single or multiple users on a single machine or on LAN (Local Area Network).

Pegasus email client is developed by David Harris and released in 1990. First, it released with MS- DOS for external & internal email on NetWare. Afterward, it was migrated to MS Windows.

Technical Info

  • Latest Version: Pegasus Mail v4.72
  • Filename: w32-472.exe
  • File size: 11.54MB (12,097,264 bytes)
  • Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
  • Languages: Support Multiple languages
  • License: Freeware (but not open source)
  • Author: David Harris
  • MD5 Checksum: 8F4B4ABE1C5AAB96F25D679E6E30C857
  • File Extension: .pm , .pm$ , pmr , .pnd , .pmn , .pmc, .pm! , .pmm, others
  • File Location: C:\PMAIL\Programs\winpm-32.exe -roam -A For more:

Pegasus Mail Features

  • Mail Merge option allows user to create customized form letters to multiple recipients.
  • Support Internet protocols such as - SMTP, POP3, LDAP, etc.
  • Completely supports MIME (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension) protocols.
  • Automatically index local users.
  • Pegasus mail allows the user to read & composed mail when you are the disconnect from Internet.
  • Message Preview pane supports wrapping option.
  • Spelling checker features with UK English & US English dictionary, & user dictionary additions.
  • Powerful encryption interface.
  • Highlight important emails using colour schemes.
  • You can sort emails by date, size, subject, colour, etc. in increasing or decreasing order.
  • Easily view attachments within the application.
  • Send read/receipt confirmation after sending emails to the recipients.
  • With Mercury Mail Server, you can set automatic replies & forwarding for the incoming mails.
  • Email alert notification pop up while the application is minimized to report new email.
  • Hyper-linking in URLs & emails addresses generated automatically.
  • You can directly drag & drop attachments from desktop to Pegasus Mail.
  • Complete DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) interface.
  • It supports multiple POP3 & IMAP mailboxes simultaneously.
  • You can easily manage huge mailing database with Distribution lists.
  • Support multiple users on the same computer as well as on networks.
  • It supports multiple languages other than English such as French, Italian and German.

Pros of Pegasus Mail

  • It supports multi-users.
  • Installation is very Easy.
  • Navigation is Easy.
  • Stable, secure and privacy-conscious.
  • Easy to use Bayesian spam filtering.

Cons of Pegasus Mail

  • The Interface is not better.
  • The Email editor is powerful, but not good, search could be faster.


Pegasus mail supports multiple accounts and due to the easy navigation, it is called a best email client application. If you did not set up an email client before, then the helpful user manual provide you all the help related to this tool.