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What is PMMail?

PMMail is one of the most co-operative email client for the users to access bunch of mails from multiple email accounts. It helps users to handle their email accounts in a well-managed way. It is a communication tool which provides a user-friendly interface for its end-users. It provides users a shareware connection to establish their communication via numerous email address.

PMMail features

PMMail provides various features as mentioned:-

  • Migrate multiple email clients/services: Allow users to fetch data from Netscape Mail, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, MS Internet Mail and Outlook Express.
  • Auto Filter: PMMail gives an option to filter out all its mail data accordingly for proper mail management. After selecting this filter option, users will be able to get all their emails automatically sorted.
  • Send To option: In PMMail 2000, users will be able to use the “Send To” option for sharing their useful data items with other users easily.
  • Task Tray icon: When a new mail is received in PMMail email client, the application will provide an indication via Task tray icon, which is located at the task bar of the Window.
  • Minimize to Task tray icon: If the users are having PMMail application, installed on their system then, they can easily minimize or maximize it to the Task Tray accordingly.
  • vCard Attachments: Enable users to send Address Book Contacts as an attached vCard file.
  • Internal Editor to view html file: Users can view all their HTML files by using the internal editor that makes easy for them to read or preview all their HTML file data.

Most Occurring Problems

  • Sometimes users may face a problem while setting-up a secure transfer in case of multiple accounts. In such a situation, they may get an error that indicates a wrong port number, i.e. “the local port (say for 110) already exists in another accounts”
  • In account error log, sometimes the user may face the following error message: account busy (locked by another > POP3 process).

Steps to Configure PMMail using Blueprint Software Works

  • Click on Account >> click on Create option. Now you will see three tab: General, Receive and Send. Fill all the required information for all of the tabs correctly as mentioned:
  • General Tab: under Email Address, enter your email address, which is required to be configured with PMMail. Now, under real name option, enter your full name.

Receive Tab

  • POP Server: enter
  • User ID: provide your POP3 login credentials
  • Password: your password matching the User ID

Send Tab

  • SMTP


1. After, migrating from the previous version of PMMail, I am getting an error message. Is there any way to remove this error?

The occurrence of an error is due to the presence of some sort of error in the previous PMMail file system. Therefore, to remove the occurrence of such error, you need to run CHKDSK/F from the drive containing old PMMail.

2. How to install the new PMMail over the old PMMail?

The latest version of PMMail that you can install is PMMail 3.0 over your old PMMail. It can be installed by using Warpln.

3. Which file system is considered as the best for PMMail?

JFS or HPFS386 is considered the best recommended file system.

4. The size of my wordlist.db file in PMMail has crossed over 3 MB. Is there any way to maintain its size or how can I reduce its size?

Check the file maintenance if it is running. Follow these steps: Launch your PMMail >> click on Settings >> go to Advanced tab >> navigate to Run classifier maintenance every XX program exits and set its value between 1 and 5. Now keep re-starting your PMMail email client until the file maintenance run.


In this article, discuss about what is PMMail, its features, Steps to set-up a PMMail email client and various problems that may occur while accessing mails on PMMail. If still there is any query, feel free to put the comment below, the matter will further be resolved by our experts.