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What is Protonmail?

Protonmail is a web based email service that provides encrypted email access facility by keeping user data integrity maintained. Sometimes the meta data of ProtonMail is inaccessible due to its privacy laws. ProtonMail ensures that your data should be secured on server. It also uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for communication between its server and client (Internet Browser). ProtonMail does not ask for any type of information which might be used to identify an account holder’s important information while creating new user account. In this article describe the concept of what is protonmail, its storage capacity, features, protonmail security and DDOs attack.

Protonmail Storage Capacity

Protonmail account has an old storage capacity limit of 100MB, but after up-gradation it provides below mentioned storage limit:-

Protonmail storage Capacity

ProtonMail Features:-

  • End to End Encryption: User Emails are always in encrypted form during delivery and storage.
  • Provides Zero access to user data: ProtonMail account requires two types of passwords. First Password required for user verification and second Password is required for decrypting the data.
  • It provides an Open Source Cryptography.
  • It sends Encrypted Email data to any non ProtonMail users.

Protonmail Security

How Protonmail secure the emails from intruders?

ProtonMail save all of your email messages in encrypted form, which means that the other person can’t read your emails. All the Messages which you send or receive with other ProtonMail users are delivered and automatically protected by end to end encryption mechanism. So, if someone want to read your emails in between then they won’t able to read. For creating a message, the user need to go to the Encryption option and then click on Encryption option and then enter a security Password. The recipient of email will get a link of message and prompted to enter the security password for reading it.

Protonmail Security

Protonmail DDOS attack

Why People choose ProtonMail?

ProtonMail provides protection from DDos attack and secure your business or personal emails. ProtonMail’s team has a strong expertise in DDos protection for securing user emails. ProtonMail is the only mail service provider in the world which handle all of their servers and network components (such as router and switches) individually. ProtonMail also protects user data against the largest DDos attack. All emails of ProtonMail user inbox is stored as well as protected by end to end encryption. Subject lines and recipient addresses are also encrypted.


This articles has been focus to discuss the what is protonmail, protonmail features, protonmail storage capacity, protonmail security, protonmail DDOS attack. ProtonMail has been widely appreciated for its efforts related to providing security, privacy & open source mailing platforms. Users trust on ProtonMail cause of its end-to-end encrypted messaging service facility with open-source infrastructure. It is the best mailing system for professional communication systems in future.