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What is Spicebird ?

Spicebird is Thunderbird based desktop based email application. It was developed by an Indian organization Synovel. It integrates E-Mail , instant messaging , calendar , instant messaging , google accounts. It provides users a collaborative platform and simplifies communication services with the help of integrated tools. It is also called as Personal information manager. Spicebird mail client provides users free and open source license to copy , study , change the source code of software to improve its design. In this article discover the concept of what is spicebird, its email client features, and drawbacks etc.

Spicebird Mail Client Features

Spicebird has following unique features:-

  • Synovel Spicebird Instant Messenger connects users to GTalk , Yahoo, Myspace chat and much more.
  • It supports IMAP/POP3 protocol based Mail accounts.
  • It provides users supports to create and manage events in the calendar.
  • Mozilla Spicebird allows users to add applets to the home screen and avail users with services like Maps, Calendar, Sms , Date ,Time , weather, google applet, RSS feed and much more.
  • It supports sharing of the calendar with friends and others.
  • It provides add-in for blogging.
  • supports for chat language other than English.
  • Add-in for Tango Icons.
  • It provides add-in for blogging.
  • It is a free emailing application
  • More About Spicebird

    • Use MBOX format to store emails and other mail items.
    • MBOX support multiple emailing application like Eudora , Thunderbird, The Bat , Pocomail and much more.

    Operating system Support

    • Linux, Windows

    Default Location of Spicebird Email Client

    • C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\spicebird

    Default Location if Emails are Imported From other Email Clients

    • C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spicebird\Profiles\vvh6ua1v.default\Mail\Local Folders.

    Drawbacks of spicebird email client

    • Spicebird export mail option is missing. Its difficult for users to migrate to another emailing platform.
    • Many Google Applets are not compatible.
    • Difficult to Import multiple inboxes to different email platform.
    • Importing attachments to spicebird is problematic.
    • Many Thunderbird spicebird addons are incompatible.


    1. MBOX format supports Opera Mail Email client?

    Yes , Mbox supports Opera Mail Email client.

    2. Files with no extension are MBOX Files ?

    Yes , files with no extension are MBOX files supported by Spicebird.

    3. Can a user use Google Applet free of cost?

    Yes, users can add as many google applets he wants free of cost.

    4. Spicebird is useful for doing email forensics ?

    Yes, it can be used for Email forensics.

    5. Is it a Freeware Email Client ?

    Yes, users can download it for free.


    This article describes Spicebird mail Client , features, and drawbacks. It is based on Mozilla Thunderbird desktop emailing software.