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What is Sylpheed Email Client?

Sylpheed is an open source email client developed by Hiroyuki Yamamoto. It is also referred as news client or news reader that reads articles. This light weight application has plenty of features which simplify sending/receiving emails. It is compatible with Unix, Linux, BSD, Windows, and Mac OS. Besides, it is the default desktop email client in Lubuntu, Damn Small Linux and Puppy Linux. In this article describe the concept of what is sylpheed email clients, its features and common problems etc.

Remarkable Features of Sylpheed Email Client

Sylpheed has following features:-

  • Sylpheed uses GTK+ toolkit to create its easy-to-use Graphical user interface.
  • This fast utility is freely available and can be modified, used, and redistributed under the free software license (GPL)
  • Spam Filtering: Sylpheed mail client prevents email spam using bogofilter or bstfilter.
  • Supported protocols: POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, NNTP (NetNews), and IPv6.
  • Security Feature: It supports signing and message encryption by GnuPG and encrypted communication over SSL/TLSv1.
  • Filter and Search Feature: Filter items by date, size etc. and Search option to search a particular email of Sylpheed.
  • Junk Mail Control: It automatically filters junk mails.
  • Sylpheel claws (Claws Mail) was created in 2005 by dividing Sylpheed.

Noteworthy Plugins of Sylpheed

  • Automatic Attachment Encryption Plug-in: Using sylpheed autoenc plugin, attachments get encrypted automatically.
  • Attachment-Tool Plug-in: In Sylpheed mail client, this plug-in is used to handle messages with attached files
  • Mail forwarding plug-in: Autoforward.dll plug-in is used to forward an email to the specified recipient.
  • Password check for attachments plug-in: Chkarchpasswd.dll plug-in verifies that the attachments (zip files) are password protected when sending mails.

Common Problems encounter in Sylpheed

  • Many a time, Sylpheed users encounter SSL validation problem.
  • The most frequently occurring issue is POP3 server doesn't recognize UIDL command.
  • Every so often, users reports an error message Sylpheed fails to start when it is connected to IMAP
  • Sometimes Sylpheed mail client arises issue when there is a problems with GnuPG.


1. Can Sylpheed send HTML emails?

When it comes to HTML, Sylpheed lacks in creating HTML styled messages. But it can receive HTML emails flawlessly.

2. Where does Sylpheed mail client store emails?

Sylpheed stores mails in MH mailbox. In MH message handling system, each message is stored in a separate file in a special directory.

3. Can I import MBOX file into Sylpheed mailfolder?

Yes, go to File menu > Import mbox file

4. How can I prevent spam mails in Sylpheed mail client?

  • Bogofilter and bsfilter are mail filters which classify mail as spam.
  • Go to Configuration > Common > preferences > Junk mail > Enable Junk mail control.
  • Now select learning command preset or custom commands.
  • There are other filters available also. For this, go to Configurations > Actions.
  • Note: Before performing junk mail configuration in Sylpheed mail client, make sure that bogofilter, bsfilter, or other filters are installed on the computer. In Sylpheed for Windows, bsfilter comes with installation program.


This article highlights a What is Sylpheed Email?. Besides, its notable features, plug-ins, problems, and FAQ have been discussed.