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What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

Discover what is Mozilla Thunderbird and Its Feature and Difference between Thunderbird vs Outlook. Mozilla Thunderbird is an open platform to manage multiple emails in one platform or in one system. It's a product of Mozilla enterprise launched in 7th December 2004. It is a desktop based email client which manage and store your emails, contacts, and calendar of event and appointment. Its store emails in MBOX which is more secure and reliable. It also contains some wonderful features like a newsgroup, news feed, and chat client. It's an open platform run on different Operating System like Windows, Linux, and Mac os. Thunderbird save mail in mbox its a group of emails. Thunderbird data save in local drive "C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\gtj37ogy.default\Mail\"

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Email account setup: Thunderbird provides facility to manage your emails account with POP3, IMAP, and SSL/TLS. Enter your name email id and password then thunderbird provides you email account setup wizard.
  • Customize email address: Thunderbird provide facility to customize your email address for you, your family or your business. You can sign up for a new email address in thunderbird for receiving emails and sending emails. For example
  • Address Book: Thunderbird provides easy to access address book where a user can add or edit contacts.
  • Attachment Alert: Thunderbird provides attachment alert before sending mail. If you forget to attach some file its alert you "please attach your file".
  • Multiple Chat: Thunderbird provides you to choose multiple chat option in one platform for example Facebook, Google Talk, IRC, Twitter, XMPP etc.
  • Multiple email tab: Thunderbird provides a separate tab for managing multiple emails. It's a drop down the facility to manage your multiple emails under one roof.
  • Search: Thunderbird provides search tab where's you can search anything. Its redirect to your web browser and display search result.
  • Quick filter tab: Quick filter tab provides a facility for filtering your mail according to an email address, contains, sender address etc.
  • Email search tab: Search tab provides you advance search features for finding any mail. You can also search for your chat conversation.
  • Archive any message: Archive feature provide you to save mail in archive folder without delete a mail and without appearing in the inbox.
  • Activity Monitor: If you want to report of your mail like how many numbers of receive emails, sending emails, deleting emails, trash emails, moving to folder emails, you can monitor.
  • File management: You can upload large file on web storage site and save all file on web storage site. Sending a link instead of sending a file or document.
  • User Interface: You can add skin and change your interface, Thunderbird provide thousand of skin from Latest Movies, Places, and tattoos.
  • Add-ons: Direct add-ons provide on Thunderbird do not require to visit a website for add-ons. It's recommend rating and size of add-ons.
  • All in one Folder: You can manage your multiple account's emails in one inbox folder do not require two inbox folder for emails, as well as one outbox, one sent, one spam, one trash folder.
  • ser Privacy: Thunderbird provides user privacy setting to setup their privacy and blocks remote images and unable add-ons.
  • Phishing Protection: Thunderbird protects you to phishing and email scams. Thunderbird alert you when you clicking on a link which redirects you to different websites.
  • Up to date: Thunderbird updated they're a new version with new features time to time. It automatic update feature update Thunderbird's version as per demand also.
  • Spam Filter: Thunderbird provides junk mail filter, which filters your inbox and doesn't receive junk mail into inbox and directly sends it to spam folder and you can set any mail as a junk mail after set inbox mail to junk mail that mail automatically save into spam and delete by self and don't show in spam after some time.
  • Open platform: Thunderbird is an open source platform. It's run on any computer and on any operating system like Windows, Mac os, Linux etc.

Difference between Thunderbird vs Outlook

Features Thunderbird Outlook
Platform Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix, BSD Windows and Mac OS
Multiple Email Account Yes No
USB Portable for file transfer Yes No
Sharing profile between Windows and Linux Yes No
64 bit application on OS Windows, Linux and Mac OS Windows
Network News Transfer Protocol Supported Not Supported
Usenet News Reader Supported Not Supported
Send large file via web service Supported Not Supported
Support multiple POP account Supported Not Supported
Auto detects date information Supported Not Supported
Smart Folder Supported Not Supported
Localization 53 Languages 96 Languages
MS Exchange Server Protocol Yes (By plugin DavMail) Supported
Encrypt Email Not Supported Supported
Separation of Files and Data Supported Supported
Bi-diectional text support Not Supported Supported
Integrated Development Environment Not Supported Supported
Cloud Version Not Supported Supported
Email Merge Yes (By plugin Mail Merge) Yes
File Size Limit Using MBOX internal storage 50 GB
Delay sending mail Yes (By plugin Send Later) Yes
Follow up attribute No Yes (Don’t reply, Don’t Forward)
File Types Txt, PDF Txt, PDF, doc(x), xlx(x), ppt(x), odt, ods
Email Voting No Yes
Edit received email messages and subjects No Yes
Set Permission on IMAP mailboxes Yes (By plugin IMAP ACL ext) No
Email category No Yes
Connect Calender to MS Exchange Server Yes (By plugin Exchange EWS Provider) Yes
Show birthday in Calendar Yes (By ThunderBirthday) Yes
Connect to Google Calendar Yes (By Provider for Google Calendar) Yes
View more than one Calendar No Yes
Chat Supported (Google Talk,AIM,Yahoo,Skype,QQ,MSN, ICQ, Jabber, IRC) Supported (Skype, IM Address)
Automatic add contact to address book Yes No
Contact Categories Yes (By MoreFunctionForAddressBook) Yes
Search Contact Yes (Name or Email) Yes (Name, Email, Telephone No., Address, Notes)
Store Multiple Phone No. No Yes
Attach files to Contact No Yes
Show post from social networking in address book No Yes (Facebook, Linkedin, Xing)
Task Yes Yes
RSS Feed Reader Yes Yes


After reading this article you would have found that what is Mozilla Thunderbird and also about what is the difference between Thunderbird vs Outlook. Mozilla Thunderbird provides the facility of manage multiple accounts and access emails and attachments any time when you are offline. Microsoft Outlook provides facility to manage your emails and allow to access all your emails from a mail server. You can send and receive data at any time when you will be connected to the internet. After looking the features Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook, you will find that Thunderbird is a free application with all features and Microsoft Outlook is paid application with all feature.