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What Is Trojitá email?

Trojitá is a blazingly fast, and advanced IMAP email client, which is developed by Qt library.It does not support POP3 protocol or Exchange protocol.It is designed on the basis of philosophy - ‘do one thing, and do it well’. In this article describe the concept of what is trojita email, its features, lacks and success etc.

What Trojitá Features

  • Completely Qt4 and Qt5! application that does not require any supplementary dependencies.
  • Used Qt’s Model-View Framework to implement robust IMAP core functionalists.
  • Provide message list and body part loading("lazy loading",) on-demand.
  • Highly support for Advanced IMAP offline access.
  • Efficiently protect network bandwidth aimed for mobiles, reasonable memory use or never hogging the system’s CPU.
  • IMAP over SSH- the server could be accessed via SSH, instead of going over SSL/TSL.
  • Follows OpenPGP and S/MIME cryptography.
  • Excellent dealing with HTML mail.

Trojitá can not be

  • An all-encompassing PIM suit, so you will not find a fully-fledged calendar in Trojitá.
  • Some POP3 protocol client. Trojitá accesses a remote mail store over the IMAP protocol, which is not possible for POP3 due to some technical reasons.
  • An application which is feature complete. Trojitá is not the best MUA.

Where Trojitá Success


  • Loads 20,000 of messages in less than 2 seconds for the first time, it becomes eye-openings fast later on.
  • Will not download the whole mailbox, only loads, click on one and it will be downloaded.
  • Cache the downloaded messages for offline readings.
  • Have an elegant and simple interface.
  • Support various layouts such as: Compact layout and Wide layout. Furthermore, a third type of layout One At a Time is introduced and it gives the interface phone/tablet feel.
  • Support message Threading, but only if your IMAP server supports the proper threading protocol extension.
  • Similar in a way as an ideal IMAP client supposed to be.
  • Incredibly fast in searching and gives instant search results.

Where Trojitá Lacks

Trojitá doesn’t:

  • t does not remember the column sorting on which the changes are made.
  • Fails to automatically, select the next message if you deleted one.
  • Does not support multiple accounts.
  • Fails to support delivery notifications or return receipts.
  • Does not support any kind of Contacts database.

Application Categories

A desktop Email Client.

MIME Type For Trojitá

There are two ways to encrypt or sign in messages

  • S/MIME
  • OpenPGP(Pretty Good Privacy)

Trojitá faqs

1. Why is there a need to utilize Trojitá?

Unlike other email clients, Trojitá uses advanced IMAP features as a whole. Trojan’s goal is to create a fast email client that works even over slow or high-latency networks that prone to break as well no holding you back if you are having a good connection. It will not creates a problem if you open large amount of mailboxes with lacks of messages. In addition, it fits well in any modern desktop environments as well as capable of running on portable devices like handsets and smartphones.

2. What does it mean by Trojitá?

Trojitá is a Czech word means “triple” that means an inside joke related to a Czech pseudo-word, blésmrt. The real pronunciation is hard in English, so you may stick to the Spanish-like style.

3. How it is Efficient?

Resource conserving is something that makes Trojitá efficient such as in network bandwidth, memory usage, or CPU/energy/battery consumption, Trojitá tops all. Trojitá also implements IMAP’s QRESYNC, ESEARCH, CONDSTORE, BURL, CATENATE, CONTEXT=SORT, COMPRESS=DEFLATE extensions(many more!). Transferred data will not be downloaded again.

4. Why $program does not fit in Trojitá?

At the initial phase of developing, developers tried to go through the source of Kmail and Mailody. The code dealing with the IMAP was broken, fixing it would require a full rewrite of implementation, which is what the developers did.

5. Is Trojitá fast in utilization as it is mentioned?

Yes, it’s shockingly fast. It gets, even more, faster after first loading.


This article focuses everything about the what is Trojitá email clients and discusses the Trojitá email client, it’s features, what not to expect from Trojitá, MIME type, advantage and disadvantage points and how to get involved with Trojitá team. In short, this page is a complete knowledge page for Trojitá.