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What is Windows Live mail?

Windows Live Account is a free-ware mailing service initiated by Microsoft. This Email Client was released after Windows Mail used in Vista and Outlook Express in Windows XP. It is available for download as a part of Windows Essential Suite provided by Microsoft. In this article decribe the concept of what is windows live mail, wlm email capacity, wlm features and its problems etc.

WLM Email Capacity

WLM, has the maximum email size limit of 10 GB for every email. And the Attachment storage limit is upto 100 MB.

Windows Live Mail Features

WLM has following features:-

  • Multiple Email Account- User have the facility to add diverse email accounts and access them at a single platform. It provides unique Inbox facility for each POP account.
  • Support Webmail- It has been featured with a facility to proviode web-based email accounts like Gmail,, Hotmail, etc.
  • Support RSS feeds- It provides a user friendly feature known as Really Simple Syndication(RSS) which allows the users to get the latest updates and directly reply to the author of the RSS feed.
  • Automatic Spell Checker- It provides with a facility to check the in-line spellings
  • Picture Email: User can easily customize pictures through Photo Email Facility that allows users to send the thumbnails of the images. This prevents hanging of mail client.
  • Spam Filter- It has an inbuilt feature of spam protection and various anti-virus filters that make it secure for the users.

Common Windows Live Account problems

  • WLM hangs while working offline and users face difficulty in sending and receiving emails.
  • Receive error code 0x8007007 saying unknowm error has occurred while send emails in Windows Live Account.
  • Commonly faced problem with Windows Live is that users ussually forget the password they have used in their Email Client.
  • After the recent upgrade in Windows Live 2012, it no longer supports to sync the emails, contacts, calendars etc. with
  • This will hamper all the users as windows live Email Client will no longer be able to access it through WLM.

Windows Live Mail to Outlook

Export Emails from WLM to Outlook

(Note: This process takes sufficient amount of time depending on the file size and supports only 32 bit)

  • Open the Windows Live Email.
  • Select File Option from the above ribbon and Chose Export option. Then, Select Email Messages.
  • Finally Choose Microsoft Exchange as the format and Finish to Complete the process.

The above mentioned process may or maynot work as there might be high risk for corruption of emails.


Ques1. Why I am unable to synchronize Windows Live account 2012 with ?

After the recent upgrade in WLM 2012, it no longer supports to sync the emails, contacts, calendars etc. with This upgrade will be live from June 2016

Ques2. What is the best possible solution?

You must migrate all the mails to any other Email Client, preferably Outlook before the update.

Ques3. Is it possible to access after the upgrade?

You can access through the normal browser, but WLM will no longer support

Ques4. Can I recover my WLM Password?

Yes, You can recover the WLM Password with the help of Tools available on Internet.

Ques4. How can I migrate my email account to outlook?

Yes, you can migrate windows Live Email account to Outlook with the help of any third party tool.


This above article has been focussed to discuss about the What is Windows Live mail Account, wlm features, its problems and storage capacity. User can easily access WLM through Outlook.