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What is Windows Mail?

What is Windows Mail a question for many users? So here’s the answer to what is Windows Mail. It is a free Microsoft Windows E-mail client that was first introduced with Microsoft Windows Vista, 8 and 10 operating system. Windows Mail in Vista is announced as a successor of Microsoft Outlook Express which supports many new features and capabilities that are not found in Outlook Express. These two different versions do not share common code but shares similar functionality. It is also known as personal information manager which is part of Microsoft Office.


What is Windows Mail Location And Storage Capacity

Neither any email program nor this application imposes limits, other than local storage capacity. Now a days storage limits are completely determined by the size of hard drive. It stores email as discrete .eml files, so its storage is limited according to the size of HD. One can check the default Windows Mail location by following the steps given below.

Click Tools-> Options-> Advanced-> Maintenance-> Store folder

Unless user has changed this location, it is stored in a subfolder under the user ID which is being used. And the user can change it to another drive for more free space.

Windows Mail Features

It has following features:-

  • Uninterrupted Mail Transfer –The main feature of this application is sending and receiving emails without any distraction.
  • Message Storage Facility –All messages in Windows Mail are now stored in individual files instead of a single data base file.
  • Harmful E-mail Warning –t warns user when other programs, such as viruses or harmful attachments, attempt to send message from user’s computer without user knowledge.
  • Block of Hurtful Attachments –- This application blocks user from opening or saving e-mail attachments that are unsafe and contain virus by enabling this feature.
  • Plan Text feature for Reading E-Mail – It can be configured to read all e-mail messages in plain text format.
  • Restrict Downloads of External Content – Images and other related things are restricted for downloading by enabling this feature.

Problems Windows Mail

  • It is simpler but is less powerful than Windows Live Mail.
  • It has Limited options for sorting emails and it cannot sent email to group.
  • The problem of this application is that its not integrated with internet Explorer and not available for operating systems prior to Windows Vista.

Procedure for Windows Mail to Work with G-mail Accounts

Listing down the steps how to configure Windows Mail to Gmail Account.

  • First set the internet account and open Windows Mail Setup. Set the display name and click Next.

windows mail setup

  • Here Type the Email address and click Next, to configure Windows Mail to Gmail.

configure windows mail

  • Now select the POP3 as your server type. Type for incoming mails and for outgoing mail.


  • Set the password and click Next to Finish.

Set the password

  • Check all the required fields, it requires SSL connection. So under SMTP box change Outgoing mail number to 465. Check the incoming mail port and make sure it is 995. Once set all fields click Apply, OK and then click close.



1.Is Windows Mail completely different from Outlook Express. Though they are part of Microsoft Windows?

No, there is not much difference between the two, just that there code base is not similar but sharing common functionality

2. Does It block all the harmful attachments by enabling it inbuilt feature?

Yes, It will block harmful attachments from downloading by enabling its security feature.

3.Can I easily configure my Windows Mail account to Gmail?

Yes, you can configure Windows Mail account to Gmail and save mails using the steps discussed above.


This articles has been focus to discuss the what is Microsoft Windows Mail. Some of its features and few Windows Mail Problems is discussed above. Steps to Configure Windows Mail to Gmail and queries faced by users is also discussed.