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What is Yandex mail?

Yandex mail offers a full rich, and usable email experience with powerful web access, smartphone apps. It allow to access emails using POP as well as IMAP protocol with unlimited storage storage space. Functionality such as message templates, reminder, email clients and keyboard shortcuts help to handle email with efficiency and fun. Yandex.mail rule is versatile, text snippets would support theme and Yandex. Mail could function as a full web based IMAP client. In this article describe the concept of what is yandex mail, its common problems with yandex mail and storage capacity etc.

Yandex mail configuration

Incoming mail server
  • Protocol- IMAP
  • Port-993
  • Encryption- Active SSL

  • Protocol- POP3
  • Port-995
  • Encryption- Active SSL

Outgoing mail server
  • Protocol-SMTP
  • POP- 465
  • Encryption- Active SSL

Spam Free Emails

Yandex comes with built-in antivirus package, Dr. internet that guards your email account keep safe by screening all incoming emails and block spam and virus-infected mails with the assistance of the ‘Spamoborona’ technology. Yandex doesn’t show any advertisement.


How secure are my mail on yandex?

  • Yandex uses the latest technology to keep the data secure.
  • All emails are first encrypted and then transferred.
  • Emails storage disks are scanned using Antivirus.
  • Yandex Disk can’t be broken or lost.


Why you need to save Yandex mails?

In this era, several reasons for saving your Yandex mail. Most common reasons for saving the Yandex mails are as follows:-

  • Yandex mail provides limited storage space: Unwillingness to add storage size leads to auto accidental deletes.
  • Yandex email information is vulnerable for hacking & hosting failure.
  • Email Server’s failure.

Benefits of using Yandex.Disk

Yandex Mail allow you to transfer maximum 10 GB of File. You just have to install Yandex.Disk application in your windows machine. Because internet browsers are not capable to upload more than 2GB of file at once.

Top 5 Yandex Mail problems

  • Unable to read files/mails
  • Sync folder not selected
  • Storage allowance reached
  • Unable to download Yandex.Disk on Mac and Linux OS.

Yandex Mail Storage capacity

Yandex.mail provide 10 GB storage space. User can easily upload and save files and there are no restrictions related to file size. All files are uploaded over an encrypted connections and checked by an Antivirus.


1. Is there any size limitation for sending a files?

Yes, the maximum size of attachments is 30 MB per message.

2. Can I disable sender’s profile picture?

Yes, you can disable sender’s profile picture. You just need to follow below given steps:- Settings>> Other Parameters, now Uncheck show sender’s profile pictures and Save changes.

3. Can I change the mail language?

Yes, you can change the mail language. You just have to go to Setting and Select the required language.


This article has been focus for discussing what is Yandex mail, yandex mail storage capacity, yandex mail configuration etc. It is a well known alternative to Yahoo, Google, Outlook etc. It actually does more than emails like maps, search engines etc. Yandex offers free mail account.