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What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail provides ample storage space. You can store and search through every email which you have ever sent or received, and it also offers offline support. So you can take your mail anywhere with you. You can read and compose emails without an active Internet connection and send them when next time you will connect to the internet. Zoho mail supports traditional folders as well as labels. A Label is a type of folder that you can customize by both name & color. In this article discover the concept of what is zoho mail, its features, storage capacity, advantages and zoho mail configuration.

Features of Zoho Mail

Zoho mail offer advanced & self learning algorithms to keep unwanted spam out of your inbox and deliver only legitimate emails. Zoho mail can be read using an iPhone, & other Smartphones too. It also provides Instant Messaging (IM) facility by which you can send instant messages by Zoho Mail & you don't need to download a separate application for this.

Zoho Mail Storage Capicity

Zoho mail provides only 5 GB of email storage space in its free account. But, In premium account, Zoho mail provides several types of storage spaces, such as 10GB, 15GB, 25GB, 50GB, 100GB & 200GB. Zoho Mail is even better than another free web mails because it doesn’t have any annoying flashy ads.

Zoho mail storage capicity

Zoho Mail Configuration

User can easily configure Zoho mail account using IMAP connection with an Email Client.

Incoming Server Settings: (Personal User with email address as


Required SSL: Yes

Port: 993

Incoming Server Name:

Incoming Server Settings: (Organization User with domain based email


Required SSL: Yes

Port: 993

Incoming Server Name:

Outgoing Server Settings:

Require Authentication: Yes

Port: 465 with TLS

Port:587 with TLS

Zoho Mail Advantages

  • Zoho Mail provides Label to organize the emails.
  • Zoho Mail offers all essential features necessary for business email such as IMAP and POP access.
  • Zoho CRM comes with all standard CRM features such as work flow management & seamless synchronization with other applications.
  • It provides clean interface, which means user can easily find the functions they needed.
  • Zoho document allow users to create documents & share them with others.


1. Can I import large size of contacts file into Zoho mail?

Ans. Yes, you can import large size of contact file into Zoho Mail because it is having an import option to import contacts from CSV file.

2. Can I able to sort my folder in Zoho mail?

Ans. Yes, you can sort your folders by alphabetical order or by other orders too according to your preference.

3. Can I remove my second email address in Zoho Mail account?

Ans. Yes, you can remove secondary email address by the help of remove option available in secondary email section.


In this article we have discussed about what is Zoho mail, features of zoho mail, advantages, & zoho mail storage capacity, zoho mail configuration. Zoho Mail is very popular for business communication because it provides simple User Interface.